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By; Theresa J Morris, Agent, Author, Consultant, Organizer

ACE Nonprofit Inc with ACO Ascension Center Organization

ACO has a bank account with me Theresa J Morris as Sole Proprietor

I presently am assisting each of our Board of Directors establish their own businesses in their own respective states. Each person has their own books now since they met me and I began assisting them in 2012.

Bill M Tracer is presently in Cordova, TN where he works out of his home and will be the Executive Vice President for our ACE Nonprofit Inc.




Janet Kira Lessin is presently in Maui, Hawaii where she works out of her home and will be Executive Vice President for our Ascension Center Education as ACE in Hawaii as the original history of our first Ascension Center.

Each state has requirements for our adopting our Mission Statement.

Presently, I have had Tara Ward, attorney look over our articles and by-laws in Hartford, Ohio County, Kentucky on our website online.

We presently use Gerald Watts of Beaver Dam, Ohio County, Kentucky as our Certified Public Accountant.

We presently are working on our list which we obtained off the Internet for setting up ou 501 C3.

ü  Mission statement

ü  We the ACO Ascension Center Organization in alliance with ACE Nonprofit Inc with the ACE Folklife Historical Society ascribe to the highest standards of excellence with regard to uplifting humankind by providing spiritual and educational awareness. We at Ascension Centers were founded for spiritual growth, education, and continue research for the communication of truth.

ü  Services: Services are provided as private and group counseling, study groups, classes, seminars, written publications, audio/visual tapes, and other workshop materials, which is a synthesis of ancient wisdoms and new thought teachings and philosophies. Each member is offered the opportunity to join our ACO Culture Club, and Ascension Universal Life Church Ministries and ACO Book Club for authors and Lightworkers and Truthseekers. Classes and Seminars are formed to discuss materials, teachings, revelations, and experiences of transformation in individuals through expansions in consciousness, as well as, for healing the planet with love and light in a trusting environment. We are a membership driven association and donations are welcomed. We are a spiritual business education community networking and trade organization since 1990 without a common business account since we maintain our lowest expenses as independents out of our home based desk top publishing on our own computers utilizing our own cell phones and pay our own communication expenses. We may share in membership fees to afford us our websites, broadcasting, and annual conference for a national gathering place or state by state depending on the hosting state by size of our membership location. Presently we honor a city with an international airport for easy flying and hotel accommodation. Our comfort is a part of our consideration for our hosting city and location of conference room with a book store room to share our books. We value a conference room for our speakers and one for our author’s book tables, with a possible room allocation for vendors in our spiritual community trade organization. We share the body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experiences together on planet earth while accepting that alien civilizations exist. We share in metaphysics the study of cosmology and epistemology, as well as our own understanding of neuro science and the alternative healing arts.

ü  Attorney

ü  Articles of Incorporation

ü  Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN) –

IRS EIN#s – ACO Ascension Center Organization 45-5208156

                     ACE Nonprofit Inc. – 90-0953406 and ACE Folklife 83-0470741 (If Reinstated)

ü  CPA

ü  Budget

ü  Record-keeping system

ü  Accounting system (cash or accrual) = CASH ending Dec. 31

IRS Form 1023 or 1024

IRS Publication 557

IRS Form 2848


State and local exemption paperwork

ü  Bylaws

ü  Board of Directors – Kentucky – Theresa J Morris, Thomas R Morris, Deborah K Dockery –

ü  Board of Directors – Hawaii – Dr. Alexander Lessin PhD., Janet Kira Lessin, Theresa J Morris, Thomas Sinisi-ACE Folklife Organization

ü  Board of Directors – Tennessee-Theresa J Morris, Bill M Tracer, David Edward Jones

ü  Board of Directors – Texas – Theresa J Morris, Tony R Elliott, Bonnie Leanore Elliott

ü  Each State is required to run their own Book Store Library in their own home to keep down overhead and may lend out books and videos for free online. We presently use to file our books and for our marketing while broadcast media is Blogtalkradio and other simulcast and podcast variations to share in information education and Information Technology in IT on our ever changing computer training amongst out members. We exchange social networking on Facebook Twitter Pinterest of our photos, art, radio shows.

Permits and licenses – Presently operating under Home Office in Kentucky – TJ Morris ACO – Agent, Consultant – Organizer

Fee waivers for any of the permits and licenses that may be available

Nonprofit mailing permit – (Not Applied for 2012-2-14)

Business plan – (Presently Operating under least expensive way online as a Community Online Practicing Skills with Independent Authors, Writers, Performers, Speakers

NAIC -61 Educational

51913 – Information Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals

7115 – Independent Artists, Writers, Performers

6114 – Business Schools and Computer Management

8131 – Religious Organizations (Ascension Universal Life Ministries as Metaphysicians-Christ of North America based)

8134- Civic and Social Organizations

4512 – Book Stores News Dealers

TJ Morris ET TJ Morris Entertainment Org

TJ Morris ET
TJ Morris
Entertainment Org








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Authors – Artists – Students – Teachers in Literacy, Education, Social Justice.


ACO LLC KY USA “core values”

Commitments to the fulfillment and equitable treatment of all

Stakeholders—customers, employees, investors, suppliers, as well as, to the health of the populace utilizing the food system of the earth.

Generally Speaking – Sustainability of both planet and species

BODY-MIND-SPIRIT HEALTH & WELLNESS with TJ Morris ACO. Theresa J Morris, Founder, ACO is managed by Managers of Individual Franchised Stores in each state in United States including Hawaii.



Intervention by Intergalactic Emissaries will be called Divine Intervention by ET

By Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris also known as TJ

What an inspiring journey I have had on this planet. We are certainly here to learn more about ourselves and our species and to combine our efforts as the critical mass mind. The coming years we will compete for enlightenment on a spiritual journey to lead us back to those who knew of us before we were born.

Theresa Janette Thurmond (JAN)

Theresa Janette
Thurmond (JAN)

We are they who have been before and those of us who have had celestial contact are still known to exist as humanoids which have had extraordinary experiences. We are talking among ourselves now and searching for each other. We are in the research mode of our celestial generations in space. We all now recognize in our psyche that we are co-creating more to accept that which in the past we could not understand. Also, we recognize that there were powers in our government arms of this species which were keeping secrets from us about our true identity. All governments are now of interest to us all.

December 2013 reminds us of whom we are in space as those who have been and have come before. The ultimate human interaction between humanoids and spiritual celestial beings to co-create divine encounters. This is a powerful drama in some ways for all of us to be involved in and devote our lives to research of our beginnings. With a visionary’s ardor and scientist’s attention to detail we may find our answers to our own questions. UFO encounters are extraordinary phenomena at present but this will soon change in the years of 2014 through 2020 when we begin accepting that cyborg robotic beings will be able to master the way we analyze and plan our protocols.

The future has much to offer to those who cease the moments of opportunity in this lifetime. Health and Prosperity for all is the new mantra in cyberspace. Do what thou will and harm no one has always been the magical mantra of the spiritual ones who lead us on the planet. Love is that which we all seek from one another and we want to know the truth whatever that changing thread of knowing may be.

2013-2014 will be remembered for years to come as the years of accepting change. 2012 is now behind us and we are going into the future years of connection on the Internet. We are all a part of a new generation of those who communicate by cell phone in the new digital age of communication. There is so much to learn and add inside our co-creation of the Internet in Cyberspace. We now are saving and archiving information in the cloud which is a way to store our knowledge we are co-creating together.

 The magic returned in the Cosmos while we orbit the sun in space. We in the Ascension Age Cosmos Community accept more than we thought possible only seven (7) years ago. We may recite it in different words and ways of sharing in websites in the Internet but we now know that there new ways to know what has always been. That which have always been we now call the source in our spiritual groups while we call God and Goddess that which has always been in our gender species as both male and female. Popular belief systems on the planet always seem to lead back to those above which are not on this planet. We believe they are much older and powerful and co-created this planet and our species. We who are all about the future including neuro-science and spiritual science find ourselves working alongside those in art, culture, education, science, technology, history, and folklife.

Each year about this time of year before the coming New Year, we all like to share in our own predictions and forecasts of things to come. It is a practice among many professionals.

Those of us who work for a living to obtain success in our chosen fields of endeavors are all concentrating on our own life projects of interest as well. How to serve those I love while they question my indifference to their own lives is a part we all can relate too since we are all spread out now due to jobs and placement based on where our progressive professions may take us.

Mine has been co-created with extraterrestrial involvement. My truth is to know that those above which come and go at will based on their spacecraft that is not of earth origin we presently call UFOS serve a purpose. There are various reasons we are monitored and visited. It is my knowing and understanding that we are not alone in the universe and that we are a young race of the humanoid sentient intelligent being life force which belongs to a category one (1) level of intelligence as a global species of humanoids. This is based on our time in space as we procreate and regenerate.

At the dawn of the twenty-first century, future directions of weaponry and warfare are unclear in the post–Cold War world and the military missions of preparing for regional and littoral conflict, anti-terrorism, and peacekeeping operations. Humans recognize that those who exist around the world have their own cultures and traditions and now with modern technology and communication devices the world can communicate with more reasoning and less fighting. We are outgrowing our need to kill.

There are many reasons that we out grow out need to kill each other and we have a history of killing on this planet. This is something that from time to time we outgrow and as a colony of young humanoids are allowed to leave similar as to what is now in some of our psyches as the great rift or ascension in human form not just spiritual form.  This gives us all something to ponder while we outgrow our myths and legends of yesterday as our forefathers as ancient ancestors allowed us to remember who we are and why we are here on earth. Gaia was always a home to the younger beings born as a first step planet for spiritual souls. Some souls desire to return to this planet to assist in raising conscious awareness.

This is because we as the human sentient intelligent being race for intelligence, information, and future communication in space with the extraterrestrials known to exist today. The majority of the seven billion plus and counting of our humanoid kind must adapt and overcome many trials and adversity to that which we believe to be truth.  Fears and hostility towards each other is not an answer for greed but allowing life to exist in certain places on the land for better survival of our progeny has been a major cause in the past for fighting for land. Now knowing that this planet is inhabited by a humanoid species that exist to find out their purpose for existing together will be taking on a whole new way to prosper.

There is more than enough land to grow that which it takes to feed a nation and the global whole of seven billion and counting. This new way of coming up with solutions is the tipping point for seven billion. It is said that we have arrived at the consequential equation of the amount needed on this planet to solve all equations by the factor nine (9). That is that we are now in a Category One (1) level of knowing who we are, why we are here, and what will happen when we leave this planet. There are some religions that share this way of thinking already such as the Latter Day Saints. This is not a new concept but one that is growing around the planet. Then there are those who are just tired of all the fighting around the world.

But requests from the U.S. military for satellite global positioning systems, microcomputers, superconductors, fiber optics, and biotechnical materials suggest that the cyber revolution has led to new forms of vulnerability, for example, the electronic network upon which postmodern societies and their military depend.

Such dual-use technology also suggests the degree to which the American economic and technological infrastructure has come to be seen as a backbone of national security. Whatever the weaponry of the future, decisions about its development or no development will be shaped by technological innovation and by cultural attitudes and political, economic, and military institutions as well as dominant perceptions of the international situation.

The universe will then be explored as we explain that which in the past for those who came before

May have forgotten and that was that those from the heavens came and will come again.

We will share the future with other humanoids in space that will teach us to travel out beyond which

We in the past explored with ancient ancestors.

We will now learn to leave this planet and learn to travel out towards the various levels

That exists in this universe, in other levels and dimensions in the Universe. We now include the seven (7) levels that we know today as the bubble equation which is the 1 -000000 Universe, 2- Multiverse,3- Metaverse, 4-Xenoverse, 5- Omniverse 6- Alphaverse and 7-Omegaverse. This transmission with a binary code was sent to me and others in one form or another. I was visited throughout my life to accept that which was not accepted as the overall way of knowing and thinking on this planet.

This is now our quest to learn to accept space travel as part of our own spiritual journeys that are being shared while we are here in the body-mind-spirit forms to share in the birth-life-death experiences which we use to accomplish that which we need to have in order to maintain our survival in the entire macrocosm we call the Omniverse.

We will then learn what it is like to experience the afterlife as our ancestors have and defy that which we once only thought were myths and legends on this planet.

Tectonic Economics will have Seven Major Upper Echelons for the Directors of the Chief Agents who will share in the Global Summit of Tectonic Economics with the entire list of plates including the Secondary and Tertiary plates for future reference and administration for Global Trade and Commerce. 

Psychic Reading by TJ Morris ET Radio


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By: Theresa J Morris

I am a web writer and am now sharing my more intimate details of what made me who I am the same and yet different than most people I came across in my lifetime. I have a mission in life and that is to share my story so that others will know that how I lived was more normal than many people realized in the time frame I was growing up. It’s much more normal I am told now however, I have not had time to research other’s lives or to use the Internet and do research on particular people who have had out of body or ET Contact like me.

I am now going to take the time to share my articles in more detail. I did write for the UFO Digest in Canada for Dirk Vander Ploeg from August 2007 through August 2012. I had websites of my own but it was writing on the UFO Digest that allowed me to become more known in the Alien ET UFO Community.

I began the Social Paranormal Magazine among many others to share all that I did write online in articles. I also have the American News Magazine and the Anew News Guide to share as a web writer.

This will be written in parts or articles as it is hard for me to sit down and talk about my own personal life. I have lived so long being told to not talk about my life that the intimate details and chronological order of what I would call an ordinary human experiencing extraordinary things.

TJ Morris ET Contactee, Author/Social Entrepreneur

Agent, Consultant, Organizer – Radio Show Host.

– Psychic – Empath-Precognitionist-Tarot Reader- Consciousness Spirit Researcher, Web Writer.

I AM TJ. I was born on planet Earth, also known as Gaia, and Sophia.

I am told in this incarnation I was born on December 26, 1951, 12:03 P.M. (Noon) in the St. Francis Hospital, in Monroe, Louisiana.  I was the first child of good parents.

My parents named me Theresa Janette Thurmond. My mother’s name was Theresa Mae Bolton and my father’s name was Nathaniel Burton Thurmond Jr. My maternal grandmother was present and her name was Sara Esther Bolton.

I will not go into my genealogy now however; it is done and kept in places in cyberspace and by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the USA.

I was told I was born in the church which was the First Baptist Church of the Southern Baptist Convention.

As a child I lived on South 3rd and South 4th Street right behind my grandmother who had bought a home at 1503 South 3rd St. Monroe, La. USA from the Air Force. The house was an officer’s home which apparently was built during the war. We had Selman Field in Monroe. I lived in a duplex for the enlisted behind her and down the street in two locations with my mother while my father was in the U.S. Army Reserves and worked at the Brown Paper Mill which was bought by Olin Mathieson Corporation.

I was the first child and had many adults in my life when I was born because my grandmother was something of a social butterfly in business and in clubs. She had many friends and my baby book was filled with cards and was signed by many adults who came to see me at the hospital when I was born.

I was much loved and my life on earth seemed very special. I was a happy child and no harm came to me and yet I had a special playmate which would appear and my mother could not see him. His name was Cleo not Leo. Now I know that many children have playmates but this one was teaching me how to do things with my mind and to learn things but did not want to be seen by my mother. I remember one episode one day when mother came to my room and I had the door shut. She startled me and I saw my small friend disappear.

To some they may call this a small ET being.

Mother came to tell me we were going somewhere in the car. I wanted my friend to go and I told mother he would disappear when she came in. I remember trying to make my mother let him go with us and she talked with me about this and she played like he could go with us. I climbed into the backseat of the car and she was talking to him like he was there but she could not see him. This was my first conscious awareness that she could not see him and yet he was very real to me. I remember how I began thinking differently that day about my mother. I realized I knew things that she did not. I loved my mother but this allowed me to remember memories of other times in this lifetime when I laid in my crib and watched this UFO type planes dance among the clouds.

I felt I was part of two places and families.  I soon learned that there were some things in this world that I would keep to myself.

I went to my first elementary school called then Plum Street Elementary School and I lived on South Seventh Street within a few blocks so I could walk to school in the first grade. By the second grade this is when my life changes in ways that I am no longer told to know who I am but I grew up due to an Epiphany Mystical Experience.

I was a bright child and did well in school. I had somehow become ill with infectious hepatitis. I was hospitalized when my skin turned yellow and I could no longer eat. I was in a critical state and almost died before they got a machine to clean my blood. This machine needed I was told came up from New Orleans, La. USA. This machine saved my life but somewhere in the time of many weeks of which I was so ill I had lost all motion in my body and could not move, I went to what I called heaven and spoke with angels. In my mind, I have always had a second family and I remember the beings of light bringing me back to the room and remaining overhead in the corner of the room. No one else could see these light beings. After telling my mother and grandmother I was told to not tell anyone else but I was so impressed with my first Near Death Experience (NDE) that I told nurses who in turn told others and people from the Catholic Church came to visit me. We had our own Baptist Preacher of course but I remember the Nuns and Men in Brown robes making a point to speak to me. I knew that I was very mature for my age and felt as an adult in a child’s body from this day forward. I was more intelligent than most children and had to learn to be a happy child but I observed from one point of consciousness at all times while also being the child I was expected to be with family and friends. I had gained certain powers which others did not display so much such as what I would now call extra sensory perception, empathy for others pain and knowing things before they were going to happen.

My life becomes much more complicated through time when I will my relatives to take me to White Sands, New Mexico where I will see in physical real time a spacecraft not of earth origin. My Uncle worked at White Sands Missile Range in 1959-60.

My life even though in a child’s body I felt I was an adult and had past life memories. I had already been at age 3-4-or 5 been taken up in what I call a flying saucer from South 7th Street in Monroe and left to wake up in a field. There is a home where the field was then which was simply an empty lot one house over from our own. Back then it was in April or May and my mother was expecting or had just had my sister Brenda and I was missing so mother called my grandmother who called my Aunt and Uncle to come and find me. These three people are the ones who took me to White Sands, New Mexico…

The life I have has many episodes or high points and I am not sure how to piece them together since they are almost unbelievable. I have put off telling this story for so long.

As an adult I have more UFO ET Contact over an entire lifetime and to me this is just part of being who I am. How this changes the way many of us view life I believe is part of why I am here and how so many of us who have had similar experiences are supposed to now share our stories with others since we now have the Internet.

Just like the computers we have we can now understand how life exists here and on other planets. I believe that our body-mind-spirits are just like a computer while we are here. We can use them and yet when we leave earth we can still be in contact with the information that is streaming in particles and waves outside of us we now call the Internet in cyberspace. I believe it is time we all start working together not only to share the space above our planet in the universe but the space which is called the critical mass mind where all energy essence and memories are stored. I believe our spirit is like the software we use and are constantly writing and rewriting while here in this incarnation. However, when we die our stored information is in our memories and our spirit which as an astral body of us and we can speak to those we call angels and ET out of body as I have done when having other NDEs. I have learned also the difference in astral travel and will now do what I can with my own TJ Morris ET Radio to assist others to learn

the difference between NDES, OBES, and Astral Travel while we sleep or have a hallucination due to herbs or change using chemicals. I understand that we are aware of how some of the brain works now but many studies apparently being done may not yet understand the different types of NDES, OBES, Astral Travel (AT), Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming, and actual physical ET Contact. Everyone has a soul purpose and mission on earth and suicide prevention will benefit from our stories shared with our Ascension Center Organization.

I have a long story to tell and I am just trying to get down the highlights for Janet which she calls talking points for a show we shall begin for the Ascension Center Organization. I will also share this on my own websites for those interested and in my magazines online.


Psychic Reading By TJ Morris ET Radio


Websites:,,,, TJMorris.TV,, American,

Psychic Reader work typically from their woman owned small business at their home and occasionally at a booth at a conference or fair.

A psychic reading is a specific attempt to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of the basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct.

These natural extensions are claimed to be Clairvoyance (vision), Clairsentience (feeling), Claircognizance (factual knowing) and Clairaudience (hearing) and the resulting statements made during such an attempt.

The term is commonly associated with paranormal-based consultation given for a fee in such settings as over the phone, in a home, or at psychic fairs.

Though psychic readings are controversial and a focus of skeptical inquiry, a popular interest in them persists.

Extensive experimentation to replicate psychic results in laboratory conditions has failed to find any precognitive phenomena in humans.

Psychic reading is pseudoscience.

A cold reading technique allows psychics to produce seemingly specific information about an individual from social cues and broad statements.

Types of psychic reading

There are many types of psychic readings practiced. Although psychic readings might not incorporate the use of any tools, a professional psychic may have one or more specialized areas of expertise. Some of the more common readings include Tarot reading, email psychic reading, palm reading, psychometry, aura readings, or astrological readings.


Astrology readings are a form of divination based on alignments of the sun, moon, planets and fixed stars. Astrology is an ancient practice and pre-dates many scientific methods of astral observation. Astrology does not require psychic ability.

Aura reading

Aura readings involve the observation and interpretation of auras.

The aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation supposedly surrounding a person.

Psychics have offered aura readings for many years. They claim to have a unique ability to see or sense individual’s auras, however no evidence has ever been provided to substantiate this claim. The only supporting evidence for this claim lies within the logical fallacy that psychics use when they claim they are one of the special few individuals who can see auras, and that they are unable to provide evidence to prove this claim.

Psychics suggest auras are made up of “bioelectromagnetic fields” or other such phenomenon that do not have a legitimate, scientific meaning. Individuals such as James Randi have tried to test claims made about aura reading, and when he includes a few simple regulations to the test, all the claimants abilities disappear.

Since the ability to read auras has been so publicly debunked, Robert Bruce, in his book Auric Mechanics and Theory, has updated the conditions or variables that need to be in place for a proper aura reading. Bruce stated that auras cannot be seen if any part of the person emitting the aura is obscured. One must wonder why clothing doesn’t seem to inhibit aura readings.

Cartomancy or Playing Card Reading

Cartomancy is fortune-telling or divination using a deck of cards.

Tarot readings are a form of Cartomancy.


Cleromantic readings usually involve casting small objects and reading them by their position, orientation, and mutual proximity. There are numerous variants used throughout the world.

Distant readings

A distant reading, “traveling clairvoyance”, or “remote perception” can be conducted without the reader ever meeting the client.

This includes Letters, Telephone, SMS, Email, Chat and Webcam Readings.

Correspondence readings are usually done via letters, later emails and filling in special forms on Psychic websites.

Telephone readings are live readings where both Psychic and Client hear each other by connecting via Premium Rate telephone line. In the last years, with restrictions on premium rate numbers, more common are pre-paid callbacks, in which case Client leaves his/her credit card details over the phone to an operator, after which gets a call on a specified phone number.

Telephone readings became most popular with the growth of live advice TV shows as main means of advertising, and is commonly used by Companies rather than individual Psychics, due to high setup costs.

SMS and Chat readings are a quick Question-and-Answer format of Reading allowing exchange of basic information between Psychic and Client.

Webcam Reading or Video Chat Reading is the newest way of Psychic Reading allowing real time live connection between Psychic and Client. Client has possibility to see and hear Psychic, and can choose to be viewed, seen and/or type during the Reading.

Lithomancy and crystallomancy

Lithomancy readings usually involve especially suitable gems or stones that are immersed in water, or tossed as a set and read by mutual proximity.

Its origins are unknown, and there are numerous different methodologies used by various cultures throughout the world. A recently more common variant is crystallomancy also known as crystal gazing. Using quartz as a crystal ball it is stereotypically depicted as gypsy fortune telling.


Numerology is defined as the study of the occult meanings of numbers and their influence on human life. It is essentially a reading of an individual based specifically upon numerical values such as their date of birth, letters in their names, etc. Numerology can be used in psychic readings.

Palm reading

Palmistry is another popular method of psychic readings, involving characterization and foretelling of one’s future through the study of the lines, shapes, wrinkles and curves on the palm. Palmistry does not require psychic ability, as it generally uses cold reading abilities and previous knowledge of the subject.


Psychometry is a form of psychic reading in which the reader claims to obtain details about another through physical contact with their possessions.

Psychometry readers often ask the subject for their favorite and most meaningful objects, such as wedding rings, glasses, car keys, etc., for the reading. The belief is that objects which are in close proximity to a person for extended periods of time hold some of that person’s energy; energy which can be detected.

This method has been used to try and locate missing persons.

Rune reading- Runic magic

Runes are an ancient alphabet used for divining the future. The runes are cast on a mat to discern future events or path a problem or issue will take. Runes are also considered magic and are used for spells and incantations by some witches.

Tarot reading

Divinatory, esoteric and occult tarot

Tarot cards have been greatly popularized, but can be often regarded solely as entertainment. Traditional decks are available in chain bookstores. New decks also frequently appear in New Age bookstores. Though not requiring psychic abilities, Tarot cards can be used as a psychic or cold reading tool and Tarot readings are common at psychic fairs.

See also, Cold Reading, Mediumship, Psychic, Remote viewing, Cosmology. Spiritualists.


ACO LLC-Very Basic Foundations – Healthy Relationships


  5. 5.      NO BLAMING
  6. 6.      NO LIES
  7. 7.      NO THREATS
  8. 8.      NO NAME CALLING
  9. 9.     NO SWEARING (Bad Words-Cussing)


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